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30th October 2012

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From the Desk of My Wife:

My problems with women’s “rights” that they think they don’t have or think they deserve.

Keep in mind this is just my ramblings…

I don’t know why womens’ rights have to be such an issue. First of all, why is abortion all about the rights of the women? What about the man’s rights? What about the baby’s rights? What about the woman that killed my husbands’ twins without even telling him? Where were his rights? If she didn’t want them, he would have gladly taken them. Heck, if it were too hard for her and she wanted them in the future, he would’ve gladly let her share custody.

What about my relative born out of rape? His mother loves him dearly and his life is valuable because she let him have it and has dealt with her tragedy in a healthy way. If it is too hard for a rape victim to “see a reminder of their tragedy” then perhaps the issue is not the life of the child, but the emotional well-being and ability of the mother to deal with it. That woman is going to be messed up either way until she learns to deal with it. Why isn’t adoption an issue? I know personally plenty of people that have been adopted or come out of the system just as emotionally, mentally, and physically nurtured and mature as other kids.  Does someone really deserve to die because you haven’t worked out your traumatic experiences and learned to cope?   Should the woman who was raped have the right to kill all men that remind her in any way of her rape, whether by personality trait, or strength, or hair and eye color, whether intentionally reminding her or not just because she hasn’t learned to cope? Should I be allowed to kill every Bridgestone employee because they remind me of my father who was killed because of their negligence? I don’t think you would agree with that. The majority of the children in my life were not born in ideal situations, but I couldn’t imagine if any one of them had been murdered. It’s like being naïve and not knowing what they would become is an excuse for murder.  Or having a traumatic experience in your life is an excuse.  There is the potential of life in every conception whether you like that idea or not. Once a woman finds out she is pregnant, she expects to be having a baby unless something goes wrong. She doesn’t ignore it and assume she won’t have a baby even though she is testing positive. There is a heartbeat at 6 to 7 weeks that can be heard. I am not arguing about at what point you think life begins. We all know that pregnancy ends in life.

What about the men who perform hard labor for $10 an hour and come home barely able to stand because their back is so shot while there are other men at another plant that do about equal work and make $15-$20 an hour? What about the postal worker who works his butt off while all the regulars sit around chatting because they are in the union and “protected” from being fired?  Meanwhile, these regulars are filing grievances because others are “doing their work for them” (because they are lazy) that are costing the post office thousands of dollars for each lazy worker.  (This could bring me into a whole other argument about whether unions really benefit the economy/businesses/hard workers/employee salaries.) It doesn’t seem fair to me that one person works his butt off and yet can’t get hired on because the lazy one is “holding a spot and taking up pay.”

In my situation, I felt I wasn’t being compensated for the extra time I was putting in maintaining a job I had.  However, I also realized that it was my choice to keep that job. So what did I do? I worked my butt off, showed them the value I brought to the employer, looked for another job to see what my other options were, and decided what to do with that. I got offered another job and I had to decide what they would have to do for me at my current job to keep me.  I spoke with my employer, told them what I offered the company and why they benefited by keeping me, and told them what they would need to give me for me to stay (I overshot hoping for a negotiation). Guess what? Because I am a hard worker and showed them what I was worth, they gave me what I asked for. I didn’t even have to negotiate.

The real problem with unequal pay is that those not being paid fairly need to learn to stand up for themselves. If you are truly valuable to your employer they would give you what you are worth. If they choose not to and others stand up to them in the same way and they again turn them down, their business will fail. In the end, do you know what will eventually happen? Businesses will pay you for what you are worth because they can’t afford a high turnover rate if they want business to keep running.

The government cannot solve this problem. It is in the hands of people, both male and female, black and white, that aren’t paid fairly to stand up for themselves. What exactly do you expect the government to do? Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 sounds great but it really did nothing to create equal pay. Women do not get paid more under the law. All it did was give you a larger time frame to sue. You still have to sue in order to get paid fairly. All it does is promote irresponsibility of employees to stand up for themselves in a timely manner and unfairness to employers. If someone agrees to work for a certain salary, they shouldn’t be able to come back years later and say they want money for the last how many years. This could actually help businesses go bankrupt if they get caught in the wrong lawsuit. That would help our economy (note the sarcasm) Romney is a smart businessman for not agreeing with this in the fragile state of our economy. However, he is not going to repeal it so quit your whining.  Fact is, if you didn’t want to work for the amount they agreed to pay you, if you think you are worth more, don’t agree to that pay.

Most of all, my biggest point of this is, women need to quit whining. Unfair pay is unfair pay – it is not only women. Women have done so much whining they are given more rights than men and are more protected than men in almost every area aside from equal pay (which even that only holds true in certain careers and you know that going into it). Look at the bias in custody battles. I know many women that are lazy pieces of crap that only want their kids because they want child support and government support or because they want drama and pissing their ex off provides them that. Meanwhile, the man genuinely cares about his kids but the piece of crap mother is always better than a great dad in the eyes of the courts.

Women get their birth control free, but men don’t get their prostate medicine free, people don’t get their cancer medicine free. Women don’t get fertility medicine free.  Obama needs to get his priorities straight. If you need something, you find a way to pay for it. It is life. Why should birth control be singled out as the ONE free medication when everyone else has to pay for their’s. Is that fair? NO! Pro-choice women are favored too much because they are the ones whining. If you really don’t want a kid – you find a way.

Look at domestics… do you realize how many women provoke men by screaming and pushing and yet it is always the man that gets in trouble because he is bigger. And yes, I have personally seen women threaten men with knives and run them over with cars, yet there is nothing the men can do because when all is said and done, the police will side with the woman because she is “a helpless woman”. The only way a woman will get taken to jail is if a man is bleeding or visibly hurt, yet all it takes for a man to go to jail is a whining woman. MEN are scared to call when they feel their life is in danger by a woman because of these biases. This is STUPID! I am not ANTI women’s’ rights. I am pro-equality. Right now, I feel women have more than enough equality and more rights than they need. They are using the poor victim argument as an excuse to take advantage of every situation possible while having to do the least amount of work. This is life. Quit whining. Suck it up. Work hard. And learn how to negotiate.

Another reason they need to quit whining is because this is negligible in comparison to the bigger economic and foreign policy issues going on. If we go into a recession and nobody has jobs, men and women will get fair pay; but I don’t think they will be satisfied then.

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